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Perfect Notary Plan

Perfect Notary Plan: One-time fee of $209.65* - The perfect plan for new and renewing notaries.It has the mostly needed supplies at an affordable cost. The annual technical support fee thereafter is $39.00/per year.

          Pro-Inkless Thumbprinter and E&O - $10,000 / 4 Years added to this plan. Editor's Choice.

  • Technical Support
  • Discount on supplies
  • Free Notary Decal - $9.95 Value
  • Business Promotion: Free one-year listing from the Internet Directory, - Value $25.00
  • Low Rates on Notary Bonds - Low Rates on Notary Errors & Omissions
  • Distinguished affiliation with the American Notary Group.
Membership - One-year Technical Support

One-Year Membership - Benefits Include: Free One-year Listing on, valued at $35.00, Free Notary Decal, valued at $9.95, and One-Year Technical Support, priceless. $49.95/one-year
$75.00 On Sale! $49.95
Membership - Two-year Technical Support

Two-Year Membership - Benefits Include: Free Two years Listing on, valued at $75.00, Free Notary Decal, valued at $9.95, and Two Years Technical Support, priceless. $75.00/two years
$110.00 On Sale! $75.00

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