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Purell Sanitizing Hand Wipes

The Purell sanitizing hand wipes product is essential for on-the-go notary. It is used to remove the fingerprint ink residue from your clients' fingerprint after the completion of your notary assignment. It has multi-use useful purposes.
thumbprinter Pro-Inkless Thumbprinter
Pro-Inkless Thumbprinter
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Pro-Inkless Thumbprinter Capacity up to 1,000 inkless impression. Great for your Signers. Flat Design, its size, 1 " x 1 ". Capable of producing "rolled" fingerprints.
Notary Jurat Certificate 2015 Edition

The Notary Jurat Certificate meets the 2015 wording and legal requirements of the 2015 new California law.
Notary Certificate of Acknowledgment - 2015 Latest Edition

Notary Certificate of Acknowledgment meets the 2015 wording and legal requirements of the 2015 new California law.
Subscribing Witness Certificate

This Subscribing Witness Certificate comes in a Pad of a 100 Nicely Printed Certificates Ready to be Used. Fine Pre-printed Certificates with Instruction Page.

Document Custodian Notary Certificate

Have your clients certify the accuracy of their documents by the use of this form.

Receiptbook.jpg Receipt Book: Notary & Loan Signing Receipt Book

The Notary and Loan Signing Receipt Book is one of the best designed notary receipt books on the market. 25 duplicate sets of itemized entries for notary, loan signing and other business services.
Notary Practice Test

The Notary Practice Test comprises of 51 questions with an Answer Sheet. It is very helpful in providing questions and answers about the concept of each notary concept you should know before taking the State-exam.
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