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Terms of Use & Conditions:

Terms of Use and conditions for using /

  • Membership: Notary members agree to follow the rules and regulations as mandated by the Secretary of State - Notary Division. By submitting your membership with American Notary Group, you, the Notary, hereby agree to hold your commission in the highest esteem, and act ethically and legally at all times. You also agree that you have a valid and current Notary Commission with the Office of the California's Secretary of State - Notary Division.
  • Membership Renewal: Unless otherwise notified in writing, annual membership renewals are charged automatically. A 15 days written notification is required to change the renewal method and cycle.
  • Right to cancel: American Notary Group has the right to cancel your membership upon a written notice, with valid reasons. You have the right to cancel your membership within the first 30 days of your membership, otherwise, fees collected are non-refundable. A 15 days written request notice is required for cancellation. Any amount collected will be pro-rated to reflect the current charges minus administrative cost.
  • Payments: All payments made for orders and memberships are due and payable at the time your order is processed. If you decided not to continue with your career as a Notary Public, fee collected will be refunded to you, minus administrative cost; generally, in the amount of $24.98. i.e, $99.98-$24.98 = $75.00 will be the amount refunded to you.
  • Usage: You hereby agree that the information and notary listings contained within the webpages of this website are for informational purposes only. You are not authorized to copy, or reproduce such listings or information without the written permission from American Notary Group.

  • Seminar - Seminar Fees: Seminar fee shall be refunded if the cancellation written notice received in our office 48 hours before the seminar date. Otherwise, fee collected are non-refundable. 

  • Prior Notice, Notary Plan Changes: American Notary Group has the right to change the seminar fee, and notary plans prices and features at anytime without prior notice to its current clients and members or prospective clients and members.
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